Trials, a “gift” of life

The Test


2015 has being a year of world winds in my spiritual and physical life. I have experienced a whole lot of challenges, hurt and growth. I even gained respect in different aspects of my life. I must say trials and testing are really a “gift” of life (different perspective) that promotes you into a more in-depth walk in your life.

At the end of 2014 into 2015 I experienced one of the greatest hurt I would consider in my lifetime – rejection. To counter rejection (after holding my own pity party for days) I turned to my first love, the great and awesome God who knows and has plans for my life beyond my thoughts and imagination. Rejection was the beginning of my salvation. I made a choice to get to know him even deeper than I already did.

In the midst of my pain I questioned God, I asked him why, and why again. Rejection from people that is dear to your heart can be the worst experience ever. If a friend reject you it doesn’t matter you will get a new friend, but loved ones noooo!!!!, my world came crashing down.

This hurt (my trial) was the beginning of my journey to understanding love, the love that Christ outlined in his word. As I covered my mind with the word of God daily it was revealed to me that I have a negative, proud, quarrelsome, gossiping spirit that needed to be cleansed and renewed. I learnt about honor, respect, love, possessing the mind of Christ. All these characteristics I needed to employ and embody before I can receive the blessings that God has promised me. I was living life from my own understanding, pleasures and desires. I pleased no one (to a point) but myself, I cared what people thought of me (the pedestal they put me on) instead of what God says about me. In my trials I was brought back to the foundation of God, back to treasuring my relationship with him, knowing what he desires of me as his disciple.

I am here to say that the best way to endure trials is to trust in the lord, look at your present suffering in a different perspective. They are only temporary, outlined to develop character and prepare you for the promise.

Being positive takes effort it is an on purpose act, however negativity is so easy to come by.  Which do you choose?

The reason for trials:

  1. Trials are indeed here to make us strong.

    The pain and hurt we once felt is just a stepping stone to the glory that God will reveal in us. Through my trials I have purposed in my heart that I will serve God by feeding his sheep In love, positivity, encouragement, feeding the emotional intelligence of the world with the mind of Christ. This way i changed my focus from myself to helping someone which gives God the glory.                                               If you are a person that people listens to and heed your advise, why not give them good advise, help them to have a different perspective. I remember one day a friend came to me, he was worried that he could not find a job reflecting on the consequences of that. I said to him, lets look at this in a different way. You may not have a Job now, but until the job comes prepare yourself to receive it, get what certification and safety passes you need to and go out there prepared. Have faith cause God wont give you more than you can handle. I chose to encourage him rather than aid him in his worry. Matthew 6:27 says which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? In other words worrying cannot help, chose to be positive.

  2. Trials brings perseverance and perseverance character, character hope (Romans 5:3-5).

    I have learnt that sometimes we look at others and what they have done to us as the focal point to what is wrong with our situation.  I  have come to realize that I also contributed to my demise by my pride, attitude and lack of Christ like love. Before trying to fix someone we have to look at ourselves, see what we posses on the inside that is nasty and not of God. Matthew 7: 1-5 speaks of taking the plank out of our own eyes before you consider the plank in someone else’s eyes. I think that this is the greatest contributor to gossip, we are quick the see what is wrong with others (judging) instead of looking at ourselves first. For example, someone may have hurt you but what did you do to contribute to this hurt, what could you have done differently. This is the mindset we ought to have to help us fix our issues/relationships by looking at what God has to say about our behavior/mindset.

  3. Trials a way to prepare you for promotion.

    If I don’t learn how to handle the pressure, rejection etc. How can I become a good disciple, teacher, leader, friend , mother, wife, sister, daughter. As God outlined in his word (James 1: 2-4) …count it all joy when you fall into trials… There is a next level to benefit from after the present troubles. What we can see is only temporary, we have to believe and look for the promise behind the trial.

Looking forward

I look forward to 2016, my year for even greater alignment with Gods word, expectation of specific promises being full filled, even better relationships, the boldness to speak, even when what I have to say wont mean anything to some, the strength to endure the race and an healthier lifestyle in Jesus name!

What do you see happening for you in 2016?

“You have the power to speak life into your life as death an life is in the power of the tongue. You want something to happen, speak it into being and have faith despite what you see”.

God Blessing to you on your journey to hardcore positivity.


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