What is my purpose?

Do you struggle with the answer to this question sometimes? All of us in the kingdom of God has a defined purpose.

One night in prayer and bible study we were asked a question. What do you believe you were called to do for the kingdom of God? As I listened to the individual responses I got scared, I really didn’t know what I am specifically designed to do. In that moment, I took an internal inspection then prayed “lord what am I called to do?” I was then reminded of how I motivated a friend when he was down about not finding a job to support his family. Then it came to me, you are called to encourage. If you are unsure today of what your purpose is ask of God he will answer you, listen.

The intent of Purpose.

In purpose you are given the ability, wisdom and know how to do what God desires of you. Your purpose is not meant to be a command but it will speak to your passion, something that you love to do and delight in doing. When entrusted with a specific purpose don’t forget to honor God by seeking the kingdom first. We seek his kingdom first when we place him and his principles at the forefront of anything we were called to do. Your God defined purpose is a form of worship and ministry into God. He delights in us when he sees how much we honor him in our daily lives.

Your purpose will be something that you enjoy but it will not be for you. Feed my sheep that is what God told one of his disciples when he asked him, Do you love me? He is saying if you love me your purpose is to feed my sheep, by extension, In whatever way you are passionate. I have a desire to see people love each other in the same way that God loves us, no partiality. Where we look beyond the faults and issues of others and see their heart. God does not see as men see, who looks at the outward but he sees the hearts of men 1 Samuel 16:7. Through this desire I encourage persons towards positivity, having a different spirit and mindset in any situation. Embracing the mind of Christ, living a life of divine exchange everyday. Living a life of emotional intelligence as God originally designed for his people.

Our kingdom purpose.

As a people of God our lord desires that we live a life that represents ministry unto God, we are called to ambassadorship. Conforming to kingdom principles and precepts. Christ in us the hope of glory, we ought to live from the Christ in us. Christ died so that we can have a new life. Through his death and resurrection the old man was reckoned dead. There is no way the old man could have being fixed. He reckoned the old Delisa unfixable. The problem we have today is that we are trying to fix ourselves the old man. The old man is dead get up each day on purpose and declare that the old man is dead. The Christ in me is the new man and live from the inside out. When you know who you are it shows nothing can get you down. If you fall you get back up one time dust off give God your issues and go again. Christ died for all our sins past present and future. All he ask is that we repent, change our minds and press forward.

Let the lord build your life. Dedicate your purpose as a form of worship to him. Ask him what he desires of you to do in order to impact your generation. Shut down the enemy when he tries to deter you from honoring God.

May the Peace and blessing of God be unto you. I love you.

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