Show me your Glory

Ever so often God shows us who he is in our life. A prayer answered, a family member coming to know him, our faith being uplifted, you name it. God is everywhere, take a moment to reflect on how you have experienced Christ today, as one songwriter said he is everything!

Whenever I get an opportunity to share Jesus, I get excited. It’s like a light was switched on inside of me – I get an opportunity to say what he says, I get emotional and feel so connected to the spirit of God. God’s love for us is so real, every trial we go through, must happens so that God’s glory and character can be revealed in us. Imagine this – you’re hurt, trial and pruning season it’s all so that Christ will increase in our life so that our selfish ways can decrease (John 3:30).

Thank you lord for the pruning season for showing me that my life is in your hands and that I cannot fix things only you can.

Push through.

There are a lot of instances in my life where I have to literally shove self (my attitude, response, opinion) back in the bag and let the character of Christ push through. Times when you want to tell someone off. The only opinion should matter in any situation is God’s, our wrath does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:19-21). That is why sometimes we miss what God is doing because we can’t see beyond our own thoughts and emotions. “Father forgive me for anything that I have looked at through my eyes, give me your mind”. We have to live life conscious of the glory of God, in people, in blessings in any situation and you will see light at the end of the tunnel. The more we live “Christ conscious” the more we are able to tolerate the most “miserable” people, we develop self control in every aspect of our lives.

Reveal your Glory in us.

Sometimes we try to work things out for ourselves forgetting to include God and tell him about our plans. In most cases here is where division and strife comes in, when we can’t get things our way and in a particular order (see James 4: 1-2). I have to constantly remind myself that my thoughts of how something should happen may not be the same as God would have it. His Glory must be revealed and for this to happen I have to allow him to work, all the while being faithful and believing in his promise that he is going to work all things (not some) out for my good. I am learning not to fret and give up because without God’s direction our plans fail. Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Our father delights when we need him and show it. This is a form of worship, giving God the first fruit of everything in our lives, that is why it’s so important to command our morning, tell God our plans for the day. He should be the first to hear our plans for every moment, then sit back at rest in him and watch him be Glorified when our plans are established.

Woo! I am excited to tell God more, are you!

Love you and be encouraged.

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