Showcase the father

Don’t just live for me live from me… stay connected, for I am the vine you are the branches. Love like I do, forgive like I do, be humble as I am, holy as I am, pure like I am, speak like I do, be faithful like I am. When we live from the vine we have no choice but to produce the fruit of the spirit of God (read John 15: 1-5)
As a people of God we have a responsibility to show others who God is. We demonstrate Christ by the way we speak, by our opinions, how we carry about ourselves in every way possible. I remember growing up in church and being told that we need to be holy. Thinking back on this now I thought being holy was me being good, well the good I thought good was, but it’s so much more. Be holy as I am holy, is what the lord says in 1 Peter 1:16 says. God’s way of being holy is to follow the pattern son, Jesus.

The pattern son

Jesus’ life interaction on the earth defied the norms of society. He  was quick the listen and slow to speak, he did not stress or worry, he was eager to forgive, he did not respond when accused, he condemned no one and most of all he demonstrated love (read 1 Corinthians 13:3-7), even to the one he knew was going to betray him.

In my life I have learn by force to forgive and forget. We as human beings say “I will forgive you but I won’t forget what you did”. What if God remembers all that he pardoned us from, that will be such a burden on us? To showcase the father we have to follow his principles without partiality and bias, no matter how it may seem to others. Everyday I ask God to download his mind in me and continue to show me what he desires of me. This way I can think like he does, even when everything around seems dim. As aunty Seeta will say to me, speak to what you want to see. This is exactly how Jesus performed miracles, he called things to being as though they were. In the midst of the storm he commanded the waters to be still. So if that same power lives in us (Romans 8:11) by faith we have to speak to the unseen.

To showcase the father I must first know the father

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. To know and live by the principles of the pattern son we have to study the word of God. Don’t settle for what you are thought only, read and learn for yourself, allowing the spirit of God to dwell in and speak to you through his word as you develop a relationship with Jesus.

In this season God is pruning his people, those who are willing to allow him to chip away desires and mindsets that are not of the spirit but of the flesh. It’s my desire as the songwriter said that when persons look at me all they should see is Jesus. As you get into the word, read as though God is speaking to you, internalize what the scripture is saying to you. Allow God to minister to your spirit as he will start to show you areas of your life that needs to be renewed. As your desires interlock with his that thing which had you bound will release as he begins to break the stronghold of sin in your life.


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