My dwelling place

He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my rock and my fortress, my God in him will I trust (psalms 91:1-2).  Almost every morning I awake, these words are my first fruit. I remind myself daily where I reside – In Christ.

The secret place

This place can be physical, spiritual, relational and conversational. In that secret place is you and God alone. The place where the lover of your soul can pour of his spirit, word, attitudes, wisdom, his everything in us. This secret place is our meeting place with the father. A level of intermacy that only you and Christ can share.

The bible says he that dwells… an action word. Hinting that we are to do something. Here we are required to submit, remain constant, be open to hear his heart and his voice. While in prayer and fast for January 2017, I must say that God has been speaking. The more we make ourselves available by getting into that secret place, the more we hear him and trust his voice.

Give yourself in that secret place in God and receive his direction, his protection and strength as he prepares us daily for every situation. In this season God is saying:

  1. Consistency in prayer, speech, attitudes, responses.
  2. Go Deeper in the word, prepare yourself for any battle with the word of God. Submit to his pruning.
  3. Look out for Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem ( Nehemiah 2 19- 20) those distracting spirits. Be aware of the setups that the enemy will use to test your response… see Nehemiah 6: 1-13.
  4. Develop and excellent spirit like Daniel and allow Christ character to be made known ( read Daniel). The work of darkness though it may seem to prosper will not work.
  5. Use my word (God’s word) as a shield to block out the lies and evil devises of crafty and conning spirits.

I Love you and continue to Persue Christ cause he is Persuing you!


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