There is relief in praise!

In the midst of worry, distress, mind battle and even tribulation there is a relief in my praise. If only we can move pass the issue and shout, “Jesus! I love you! I praise you in the midst of it all”! We will receive his grace, peace and joy. In my moments of worry about job, relationship, money, family issues when I praise God I am able to walk in joy. He gives me a peace that passes ALL understanding even my own and I love it! 

Benefits of Praise

When I find myself in a state of worry I can’t pray, sing or even smile. My mind is occupied by my issues. The word of God says for us to think on things that are lovely and praise worthy and of a good report, but when I am in my own mind its uncontrollable. Well so I thought to myself until I hear God say, pray del! Its like he threw me a life line. When I prayer in the midst of my worry there is a release. I transfer all my cares to him trusting that he’s got it.

I have learnt that in my worry I cant fix a thing, so why not give it to the fixer – Jesus! Oh gosh guys I am really excited writing this, God is good and I have proof. See lamentation 3:25-26 (NIV) it reads “God is good to those who hope in him, to the one who seeks him, Its good to wait quietly for the salvation of the lord.” This is so good and comforting, I never read lamentation before but I tell you God knows exactly what I needed to know about his providing ability and when. I chose to praise him and trust him. My prayer: God, when I worry keep reminding me of who you are.

Who are you hoping in today and what are you expecting of them? We cant hope in people or even systems, our hope should be in the way maker, in Yahweh. The scripture says it good to wait quietly… hummm – that means I shouldn’t worry, complain or doubt… all he is asking of us is to seek him and wait quietly. This scripture has surely blessed my heart this week and its my hope that it will also bless yours.

Reminiscing on what praise does for me

  1. When I praise my mind is stayed on Christ, his goodness his love his ability to come through.
  2. I am reminded of what he as already done for me.
  3. I feel his love and his presence.
  4. I cry.
  5. I am cleansed and renewed.
  6. I am establishing a new trust a fresh covenant.
  7. I enthrone the father, he is important to my existence.
  8. I am available for the filling to hear his voice and his word.
  9. I am being equip to minister, to be a disciple of Christ.
  10. I feel special.

I challenge you today, leave your worry at the feet of the father, be aware of when you take it back up and what causes you to. Exchange your desires for his and Feed from the bread of life.

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