Come out of that valley, go to the high tower

The valley the place where feelings take over, where what someone said or did plagues the mind more often than you would like it to. In our valley we operate defeated, “why me God, why did this happen to me, what did I do? The place where a pity party is governed. The place where the enemy like us to be; hopeless, faithless, mindful of the defeat.

What is your mind full of?

My pastor recently thought a message on the heart. He said, “what you are mindful of whole day will enter the heart. Then he asked what are you mind full of.” It’s so easy to dwell and operate in hurt that we don’t realize how these mind games affect our heart. If we continue to dwell on what someone did to us won’t that cause us to be bitter, angry and unforgiving? Staying in that place corrupts our spirit. We begin to talk bad about the person, agree with others bad report and even hold past hurts against that person. To what end? To our valley.

Get away from the valley the place that clutter our mind. The place of why me God, to a place of height where we can talk to God, no voices.

As thoughts enter our mind we have to actively shut it down.  If they are allowed to stay, like a cow that feed on grass we will digest that thing over and over till it becomes apart of us. The moment we begin to shut down thoughts that seems to set itself about the knowledge of God and who we are in Christ, our prayers begin to change, our forgiveness level is increased we become more positive, nothing moves us. At this point we begin to emerge out of the valley up to the high tower (do you see it?). In this high tower the purpose of God is more clear, his word is easily digested his voice is more clear. In this place we will be more aware when the evil thoughts comes to trip us up. The enemy does not want to see us living victorious lives so he will come again and again. We must now be resolute that when he come however way he tries he finds nothing in us, because we are in the tower.

Let us actively cast down every thought that sets it self high in our mind above the knowledge of God.  Knowing that with truth, our application of the word of God over our lives that the enemy is defeated. His wicked devises are rendered inefficient. Our prayers from that his place begins to sound like this, ” awesome God, I love you, you forever keep me in perfect peace, guide me according to your word today, help me to know when the enemy is trying to bring me down to his level… A prayer of contentment and trust, one that shows that without God we can do nothing. Lets look at an example of what our response should be like. In matthew 16:23 we can see Jesus’ response when Peter tried to convince him that he will not be crucified, he tried to talk him out of his purpose, his current state of mind. It says ” But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

Everyday now I want to be mindful of what my mind is full of. Once there are thoughts that enters my mind that does not align with what God says about me I speak his word over my life, It helps trust me. If these thoughts are over bearing I change my thoughts towards the situation. What did I do wrong here, what can I learn from this, how am I going to move pass it, this has come to prefect me. Whatever I have to do to change my thoughts I do it, I will pray, read, listen songs or sermons or even write. Once you are in that valley you can’t hear God, you hear and obey other voices. Time to emerge out of the valley on purpose and get to higher ground push through God is waiting for you to hear his voice.

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