Your feelings don’t know your future

At times when I am down and beating up on myself for all that I have not yet accomplished and whether or not I would. I am reminded that my feelings don’t know my future. Our feelings, once they are not aligned with what God says in his word about us, they are not truth. His word says that my thoughts are higher than your thoughts (read Isaiah 45:8-9)… This immediately says to me Del, whatever your thinking about you or your life God’s thoughts are better. Which do you believe, and walk in?

The enemy knows our situation more than we do. He knows what will make us crack, and will use that to crack us. Knowing the foundation the word of God is so important in these testing stages. The use of the word as the boat, as the mirror as the block to stand is all that will be necessary to ride these emotional waves. I can’t stress more how important it is to be in relationship with God. We have a bible in our house but do we search it as we should? Are we Covenanted to our church being that joint outlined in God’s word.  Friday morning my leg was hurting me as I drove to work and I am like lord this pain! When will it end? Then I remembered his word. To beat this body into submission (read 1 Corinthians 9:27). To be in that place to remember his word I have to be in the word (read Isaiah 59:21). At this point I literally stated to use that word over my situation. I began to beat my leg lol, while driving and praying and declaring God’s healing over it. That It will be aligned to God’s original design. The same way I beat my body I also have to encourage myself (beat my emotions and feelings) into adherence to Gods word. Cause as I said before my feelings at the times does not know God’s plan for me. My feelings don’t know my future.

Finding self

Guys to know who you are and what you have power over, you got to know Jesus and seek out his principles. Oftentimes we define self by how we feel in the moment. Not realizing that feelings change all the time especially in relation to our external. Whatever we are facing at that moment in time generates feelings. Those feelings we have to be aware of and separate them from who we really are, and what God really says about our situation.

It is so easy for me to define myself by how I feel. If I feel rejected I feel as thought I can never be accepted. However I have come to know that that is a feeling I can’t define me by something that always changing. Then if I do that I am a crazy person I will be a different person at different times of the day. The only thing that remains constant is Jesus! He is the vine (read John 15) we are the branches. The vine is constant the vine cannot be a branch. As we remain connected to the vine, in whom we have identity we remain fed, secure, bear fruit. A branch apart from the vine dies. Its nature cannot exists away or apart from his identity. The branch on its own is not a tree, It has no purpose. That to me is awesome. The branch alone relies on its feelings to survive. On its own can only last so long.

Let’s make a conscience decision everyday to not live from our emotions because they truly don’t know our future or the plans and thoughts God has towards us. I heard this phrase (the title of this post) in a prayer challenge I was apart of this week and it immediately inspired me to express what God was saying to me. My hope is that you are indeed blessed by this post as it has blessed me. God is indeed working guys don’t give up. Continue to press forward to the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus!

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  1. Amen! Love this! Thts why we should bring every thought into the submission of God; that our thoughts, feelings, and even desires will line up with God’s! Awesome post!


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