The 4th Christian 

I remember when I decided to be all in for God. A thought rose up in my mind are you sure? What if you fall short? You know… you still have some struggles right. I never use to ask God for forgiveness unless I know for sure I won’t do it again. This I must say was a way for the enemy to keep me bound to sin. If I didn’t give it to God then the crack in my life was exposed for invasion by the enemy.

But… I know by the promise of God through his word, that whatever I commit to the Lord he is able to keep (see 2 Timothy 1:12). In this case my commitment to him was me, my life as a living sacrifice to be holy and acceptable before him, my reasonable service. I had it all wrong, I use to think that as a Christian I will have no struggle with my old nature, or when I do I thought to myself that I have failed and failed again. You know what, I have come to realize that I didn’t commit me to God I tried to be good in my own strength and actions all by my self not relying on the word of God or the power of God. My goal now is to function as that 4th Christian, by not giving up, no matter my struggle. I would commit all struggles to God and allow his life to form and transform me, making an action plan out of his word.

Reality check!

How far are we willing to go in Christ? I believe in this season that God is calling us upward, wherever you are now, there is more. The place where his desire for us to know him for ourselves is evident (read Hebrews 8: 7- 13). Where his word is written in our hearts and minds. The place where we are intimate with him our first love, where we are unashamed before him stripped of our selfish desires, desiring to please him in our words, thoughts, deeds and actions. Willing to be made over by him if you are not willing to lay down your life to be lead by him. Why say God knows my heart but don’t live for him. Why go to church Sunday after Sunday but yet your heart is far from him, are we using God conveniently. As a woman I hate the thought of being used by someone but yet we use God and not even consider what he wants from us.

The Goal: The 4th Christian

He is one that is like Jesus, the good soil. The one that makes himself available to receive the word of God and lives it out (read Matthew 13: 18-23). To function here our hearts desire must be to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God. The word of God must be priority, as it cultivates intimacy with the Lord. The place were we are subjected to correction and obedient to it. Our hearts cry everyday must be “Lord I ask that the eyes of my understanding in you be enlightened as I seek to know your treasures and what you desire of me as your son or daughter”. Why, so that our family, friends, our nation would know and glory in God.

But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” Matthew 13:23

Do you want to pursue relationship/ intimacy with him, operating as that 4th Christian?


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