One of the easiest things for us as human beings to do is complain. We complain when things aren’t going our way, when things can go better, or because naturally we are complainers. I dear say that our complaining is not pleasing to God.

When we complain it’s like we disarm God. We are telling him that we don’t trust his way or that we won’t be submissive or patient. We may not see our complaining like that but if we surrendered our all to God but still complain, then we nullify the work he has begun, by being frustrated in the process.

The complainers

In Numbers 14: 26-36 the scriptures shows how the Israelites was denied entry into the promise Land because of their complaining attitudes. Only the young ones from 20 years and under and Caleb (vs 24: because he had a different spirit and followed God fully) and Joshua was allowed in. Imagine this, these Israelites were there when the red sea was parted, God fed them with manner daily, their shoes were not damaged from all that walking in the wilderness but still the favour of God was not enough: they complained themselves out of the promise. Let’s be mindful of what comes out of our mouth, if complaining is there then we can possibly be delaying our promise.

Complaining then where is your perspective?

If we find ourselves complaining, then we have to take a look at our perspective and expectations. That is why our relationship with Jesus is so important, when frustrated in the process it’s better to go to him about it, asking to help you in your response. I have to constantly remind myself that not all things will happen the way I imagine it will. If we are prone to complain about somethings lets take a step back and revisit our perspective on the matter, and revisit the promise.

Two persons were sent to spy out the promise Land but one came back with a bad report. Could it be that we believe so much in what we see that the unseen becomes mentally impossible? Where is the “all things are possible with God” perspective? Where is the “not seeing is believing” perspective? The enemy is so cunning, he is not omnipresent so he will work through systems that are so designed to keep us distracted, that sometimes we can even fall privy to it, until that day the Lord reminds us of his word.

Do everything without complaining and arguing,
Philippians 2:14 NLT

Verse 28 of Numbers 14 says “Now tell them this: As surely as I live, declares the Lord , I will do to you the very things I heard you say“. This is so scary, our perspective is crucial because this drives what we say. The Lord was so angered by the Israelites that his response was, “ok, you said you should have died in the wilderness, then so be it”. Our words are so important, it’s almost like it’s prayers before God, through our complaining we show God that we don’t agree with his promise.

Let’s be so aware of our hearts position that complaining becomes the thing of the past…

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