Why do we go through tough season in our lives? We can dwell here for hours in a day thinking about why and try to put some reasoning into the cause for our life struggles or we can see how our life struggles shaped us. Hardest prayer to prayThis week, I was listening to Francis... Continue Reading →

Hiding in plain sight

I hid because I was told that as a woman I should be strong, because of my name I should walk with my head high, "don't let anyone define you or hurt you", my daddy would say. While these words had GOOD intention, in a particular environment they can lead to ones demise. I hid... Continue Reading →

Showcase the father

Don't just live for me live from me... stay connected, for I am the vine you are the branches. Love like I do, forgive like I do, be humble as I am, holy as I am, pure like I am, speak like I do, be faithful like I am. When we live from the vine... Continue Reading →

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