Why do we go through tough season in our lives? We can dwell here for hours in a day thinking about why and try to put some reasoning into the cause for our life struggles or we can see how our life struggles shaped us. Hardest prayer to prayThis week, I was listening to Francis... Continue Reading →

Love God, love self then Others

The word of God has thought us to be selfless and humble in so many ways, but in order to be selfless and humble we must draw these characteristics from the life of Christ and apply to ourselves before we can demonstrate to others. Outside of our relationship with God, the most important relationship we... Continue Reading →

Who are you?

Do you know who you are? What is it that defines you? *think for a moment*   I always thought that I knew who I was. My Identity was defined by my character, being a strong woman, a great mother, a caring person someone who looks for the best in others, a motivator, I defined... Continue Reading →

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