Patiently waiting…

Being patient and waiting are two words and actions that we as human beings aren't particularly enthusiastic about. In our lives we've had to wait for exam results, jobs, spouses, children, prosperity, the will of God for our lives and if we don't possess the grace to wait we get consumed, impatient, sometimes worried and... Continue Reading →

Pray, Fight, Trust

What are you fighting for? This is a very important question. In life we fight, we fight in our own strength and understanding for our family, loved ones, children etc. but are we really fighting the right way? I recently had a death in my immediate family that got me thinking about life even more.... Continue Reading →

Trials, a “gift” of life

The Test ¬† 2015 has being a year of world winds in my spiritual and physical life. I have experienced a whole lot of challenges, hurt and growth. I even gained respect in different aspects of my life. I must say trials and testing are really a "gift" of life (different perspective) that promotes you... Continue Reading →


Are we sitting around hoping that our situation gets better and not asking God to intervene? Gods word says that " you do not have because you do not ask... (James 4:3)". What does this mean... to ask is to petition or inquire about something anything that is close to our heart, making a demand... Continue Reading →

Dealing with fear

Fear Fear is universal, it is one of the most common challenge faced by humanity . If we sit and think about life, countless factors to be feared presents itself without much effort. The inevitability of ¬†death , the possibility of losing a loved one or cherished relationship,being inadequate, financially unstable or losing power to... Continue Reading →

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